Breakfast at the hotel Anker

Start the day right with an extended breakfast in our light and friendly Gartensaal or if the weather is nice, outside in our romantic court yard in the early sunlight!

You can find daily changing products, but always a wide range of fresh and tasty meals and drinks on our varied breakfast buffet, for example:

  • different sorts of bread rolls and bread, croissants and pumpernickel
  • at least 3 different sorts of marmelade, honey and nutella
  • cheeseboard with different sorts of cheese, camembert cheese, cream cheese as well as alternately herb cream cheese and similar and different sorts of cheese with herbs
  • assorted sausages with at least 4 different kinds of cold cuts,  ham, salami as well as alternately liver sausage and a selection of turkey breast, ham and gammon steak
  • on fridays and sundays a fish collation with salmon and trout
  • freshly cut fruit salad and fresh fruits according to the seasons
  • fruit yoghurt and yoghurt
  • muesli made with fresh fruits
  • different sorts of cornflakes, muesli, sesame, linseeds, sunflower seeds, oat flakes, different sorts of nuts, dried plums and apricots
  • orange juice, grapefruit juice, multivitamin juice, mineral water and milk
  • butter and margarine
  • high quality Ronnefeldt-teas: great variety of different sorts of tea
  • additional products according to the season

We prepare for you the following egg dishs according to your order a-la-minute:

  • boiled egg- soft or hard boiled
  • scrambled eggs, fried egg or omelette with the possibility of:
  • natur
  • with ham or bacon
  • with onions
  • with tomato, belt pepper, mushrooms
  • with cheese
  • with herbs

You prefer another alternative? Please let us know!

We offer next to filter coffee and decaffinated coffee, coffe specialities and warm drinks by request:

Cappuccino, latte macciato, espresso, milk coffee, hot chocolate

We pay attention to your individual wishes and needs, for example diet jam or quark as well as food allergies. Please talk to your service staff members.

All the services mentioned above are inclued in the breakfast fee without any additional costs.